Frequently Asked Questions

Temperature Control

How do you check the temperature of food on delivery, without tampering with the packaging?

How is food set up for tasting maintained at the right temperature?

What should I do if suppliers deliver food outside the hours of operation, and leave the food on the ground outside?

It is important to ensure that any food you bring into your premises is safe and suitable. Once you accept food into your business, it is considered 'food for sale', and could be tested for its safety by an Environmental Health Officer.

If you do not know that food is safe on delivery, then you should refuse it.

If food has been left outside, it is not good practice to accept the food as you do not know how long it has been out of temperature control, and you do not know if animals, pests or humans have tampered with the food.

It is not good practice to give the supplier a key to your business. Apart from security issues, you still do not have any documentation to prove the food was an acceptable temperature on delivery.

Contact your supplier to arrange a suitable time for deliveries - remember, it is 'convenient' for the supplier to leave food outside if you are not there. However, your business is responsibile for serving safe and suitable food. Leaving food outside is not convenient for you,  the buyer, as it may affect your reputation, your customers, and your business.

You may need to arrange for a staff member to be onsite to accept deliveries at an agreed time between you and the supplier. If your supplier is unable to deliver food during a suitable time for your business, you may need to consider changing suppliers to ensure that the food your accept is safe and suitable for use in your business.



How often should we monitor, and should we keep temperature records of food delivered and food in our business?

Are thermostats on cool rooms and bain-maries reliable? How do we check them?

What sort of thermometers are required - probe or infrared?

How soon should potentially hazardous food be refrigerated after it is cooked?

How do I know that the truck operator has not had potentially hazardous food out of temperature control for more than 2 hours?

Can food be refrozen?

What are the best methods to defrost foods?

Will freezing/boiling food destroy bacteria?

Can you supply me with information on Food Safety for Churches and Community Groups?

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