The Peninsula School        


Since 2003, Infocus Management Group has provided The Peninsula School with comprehensive food safety management services. Each year, a Food Safety Program is reviewed which covers all facets of The Peninsula School’s food services including the tuckshop, onsite accommodation, childcare centre and sporting facilities. Infocus conducts Internal Audits on behalf of the Peninsula School once a quarter to ensure the Food Safety Program is followed and effectively implemented. Infocus also facilitates food safety training for staff and students at the Peninsula School, and provides Responsible Service of Alcohol training onsite. The Peninsula School retains Infocus Management Group for ongoing general enquiries relating to food safety during the year.


Mannix College         


Infocus Management Group developed Mannix College’s Food Safety Program, which has been tailored to the food processes conducted onsite including canteen services for Monash University’s Mannix College, plus Meals on Wheels production and transport.  Each year, Infocus reviews the Food Safety Program to ensure it is up to date with current legislation and continues to reflect the individual food safety processes occurring onsite.


Accreditations / Affiliations