Useful Food & Aged Care Industry Organisations

Allergy Bureau (Aust NZ)  

Australian Food & Grocery Council.  

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network  

Australian Food Safety Centre of Excellence  

Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology  

Centre for disease control and prevention

Environmental Health Australia

Food Law and Policy Australia                              


Food Safety Information Council      

Food Science Australia  

enHealth (for Guidance on use of Rainwater tanks)   

Hospitality Institute of Technology & Management, USA.   

Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare  

International Association for Food Protection

Melbourne Dietetics Centre:  

Food Hygiene Australia

UK Food Standards Agency   

US FDA Centre for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition   

Government Health Departments & Authorities

Australian Government Department of Health & Ageing:   

Food Regulation Secretariat:  

National Food Recalls Site

Australian Capital Territory

ACT Health:  

New South Wales

NSW Health:     

New South Wales Food Authority:  

Northern Territory

Department of Health & Community Services  


South Australia


Queensland Health                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Safe Food Queensland:


Department of Health:  


Department of Health & Human Services:   


Department of Health:   

Food Safety Unit  (previously Food Safety Victoria)  

Western Australia

Department of Health:  

Food Standards Australia New Zealand:

Research and Reports

Article - Gastroenteritis and Food-Borne Disease in Elderly People Living in Long-Term Care (2010) 

OzFoodNet Reports


Accreditations / Affiliations